This Privacy Policy is for and outlines how we collect personal data.

Harpers Glow takes customer confidentiality extremely seriously and will never pass on your data to a third party source. Your data will only be stored with your consent, to ensure:

  • Orders are fulfilled correctly to the right recipient and address
  • Emails are sent to the correct recipient
  • Complaints and returns are handled correctly
  • Payments are processed to enable delivery of products
  • User accounts can save time when reordering 
  • Newsletters are distributed to subscribed recipients

You can request access to your data, held by Harpers Glow, at anytime.

Site Security is a SSL Secure website. The https in our URL address is the secure version of http. Your credit card details are encrypted and not stored during the checkout process.


We use cookies to store data which monitors usage of our website to build typical user profiles, so that we can improve our online services to you.  The type of data we collect and analyse does not identify you as an individual and will include traffic and location data, such as:

  • which pages you visit
  • the frequency of visits

Cancellation of Data Storage

If you no longer want your data stored by Harpers Glow, you can email to request your personal details to be removed and erased from our database. Alternatively, there will always be an option to unsubscribe from newsletters.